If you’ve noticed an unusually high energy bill at your home or business in recent months, the problem may not be just because you’re spending more time indoors than usual, and it may not be because of heating the building for the winter. It could be that there’s an issue with an appliance in the building that’s causing an unusually high power draw.

If that’s true, it can be relatively easy for a professional inspector to identify which appliance is causing the power draw. Using a thermal imaging camera, we can start the investigation at the circuit breaker at your home or business. Thermal imaging easily identifies which circuit is running the hottest. After the other circuits are deactivated, we’ll figure out which appliances are still powered on, and from there, it’s usually pretty easy to identify which one is causing the power draw. Then, it’s important to keep that appliance powered off until it can be inspected and repaired.

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