Most people don’t typically think of Ohio as a wildfire area. However, with all the wildfires happening in the US this year, we can’t help but think about the topic. If you live in or near a densely wooded area, what can you do to protect your property from wildfires?

Well, it’s important to maintain some safety zones around your home. Some national organizations recommend a preliminary safety zone of 30 feet from the house, where trees are kept to a minimum, any branches lower than 15 feet from the ground are removed, and very flammable species of foliage are replaced with less-flammable species. The same organizations also recommend having an additional safety zone around your home at least 100 feet around the house.

Basically, the key to preventing wildfires comes down to reducing the amount of available fuel, if possible. And, of course, there is a balance to be struck between making your home safe from wildfires and having some attractive trees and landscaping.

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