What exactly is house raising? Well to put it simply… it is the process of raising a house off of its foundation. Why do people raise their house off of its foundation in the first place? That will be the topic of discussion today.

Imagine for a second that a roaring flood comes tearing through your town and your house pays a price through its foundation. The foundation collapses in on itself, and your house will begin to buckle if the foundation is left untreated. So, an option that you can do is to raise the house up then repair the foundation. Raising a house can also be beneficial if you wish to move your house in any direction for aesthetic purposes.

However, there is much to that needs to be accomplished when raising a house. First, you must unplug and then plug all of the houses utilities, thousands of pounds of dirt must be removed, and concrete walls must be poured in order to support the house. If you do end up wanting to have your house raised even just a few feet, it could cost up to 10,000 dollars, which is definitely a downside.

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