Spring is so close; in fact, tomorrow is already the start of Daylight Savings Time again! How did your heating system hold up to the winter this year? Are you thinking that it might be time for something new?

More and more people have become interested in radiant heating – usually installed underneath the flooring. If you’ve spent any winters in an older Ohio home with tile flooring, you probably like the idea of not having to wear your winter boots to avoid the icy chill of a cold floor the first thing in the morning! Heated flooring can help with that, but like all heating systems, there can be potential problems. 

Some people might be afraid that fixing those problems will mean tearing up the entire floor – but that’s not necessarily the case! With thermal imaging, a professional inspector can help identify specific trouble spots where repairs could be needed. That’s true whether you have heated flooring or other more traditional heating systems. Before it gets warmer outside, contact us to help identify potential trouble spots in your heating system so that next winter, you’ll be better prepared to stay warm!

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