There’s a common stereotype that most people have heard before and are happy to pass on to other people – the idea that men rarely read instructions. This has led to endless troubles, and we’re not prepared to list all of them, but one thing that does come to mind is the results of improperly installing appliances. One simple example of what can happen if an appliance is not installed properly is the improper installation of a dryer exhaust vent.

For the inexperienced appliance installer, the dryer exhaust may seem like an insignificant feature. Some people have simply let the exhaust go straight into the basement or laundry room where the dryer sits. However, this is a very bad idea. Dryer exhaust vents expel a lot of water with each load. If the vent is facing indoors, that means that the moisture is being trapped inside, potentially causing serious issues. Hopefully, this one simple example will encourage you to read the instructions when you install an appliance.

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