Water stoves – is it really a stove that uses water as fuel to cook things? No, however, that is a good idea for an invention. A water stove is a wood-burning stove that heats both homes and water for hot water tanks. Are these the best stoves that you can get or can they cause more harm than good? Well, that is what we will be discussing in this article today.

First of all, water stoves are built in the outside environment, because of the pollution that it sends into the air. Water stoves work in such a way that heat your home and water very well, but can cause damage to the air around your home. This is an example of a trade-off, where you get a bonus but make a sacrifice if you do choose to use it. In many states, the water stove has been outlawed to use because of the dangerous air pollution. In the state of Wisconsin, there are certain guidelines that must be followed where you can have these stoves supplying heat for your home.

Because water stoves have a larger capacity for things to be burned in, homeowners that have water stoves will use these stoves in order to burn things illegally. These things can include garbage, pressure-treated wood, and other hazardous materials, which can damage the air even further. With all this in mind, water stoves can be very beneficial in some aspects, but can be more of a danger in most areas.

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